Masters Coaching Studio is based in Vancouver, Canada.
We provide international coaching for people around the world.

We enlighten people by powerfully demonstrating the Universal Laws and the Law of Attraction.
We show you how to utilize and leverage this universal stream.
Awaken the Infinite Master within by Raising Your Vibration.

Let’s Work Together

Every successful high performer, athlete, and every successful CEO, has a common denominator – his or her own Personal Coach.
I’m glad you’ve made the decision to accelerate your life by honoring yourself with a Coach.

Experience Nicky

Are You Ready to Ascend?

new levels of ascension

There is always a new level of ascension, we are that next level!

1:1 Coaching

Coaching is an acceleration process.
This is an experience of all the senses and a friendship that is immortal. Get ready to dive deep into you including a 1-week picturesque setting together at a splendid location customized specifically for you.

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So it is done, So let it be received.

the anatomy of an idea

The Anatomy of an Idea

Infinite Intelligence

We all get it… an idea. But where do ideas come from? And what if, your ideas were not your own, but was something that was ‘worked […]

how to prepare to channel

Preparing to Channel

Hot Off the Press, Infinite Intelligence

When I recently published ‘What it feels like to channel?’ I was getting flooded with more information on the preparation that […]

what it feels like to channel

What It Feels Like to Channel

Dreams, Infinite Intelligence

So, why the electricity? Well, not only does the heart have intelligence and it’s own code. But ‘waking up’ in the spiritual realm, […]

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