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the anatomy of an idea

The Anatomy of an Idea

We all get it… an idea. But where do ideas come from? And what if, your ideas were not your own, but was something that was ‘worked on’ before you even registered it? We hear it all the time, companies striving and harvesting brilliant ideas. How can we live in space? (Already done.) How can we […]

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how to prepare to channel

Preparing to Channel

When I recently published ‘What it feels like to channel?’ I was getting flooded with more information on the preparation that takes place prior to first contact ever being made. It is exciting to know, that when you write an article about Spirit Guides and talk about your personal experience of what you go through, many people can relate […]

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what it feels like to channel

What It Feels Like to Channel

So, why the electricity? Well, not only does the heart have intelligence and it’s own code. But ‘waking up’ in the spiritual realm, very much for me, feels as if someone took a heart defibrillator, strapped it to my chest, and said CLEAR! And since your body is full of electromagnetic juices and so is […]

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the butterfly effect II

The Butterfly Effect Part II: Reinvention

We see it time and time again, old systems break down and new systems develop. We are left with ancient remains of civilizations that once were, to make way for the new civilizations that are to be. Some traditions stand the test of time; some develop with time or are not played with at all. […]

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the dream state

The Dream State: What if You Could Join Another’s Dream?

Have you ever had a dream, where you are walking about or doing something or on some adventure and there are people in your dream that you converse with or you can vividly picture but you don’t know who they are? Well, what if I said, those people are actually real! Like seriously, real. Real […]

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parallel realities viewmaster

Parallel Realities and why give a F%$k about the Parallel Universe Theory! (HINT: It is NOT a Theory!)

Click, Click, Click… Next scene, next scene, next scene. Who is there with you? Are there hills, an ocean, animals, flowers, trees? Do you have a lover? What does your home look like? Do you have a butler? Why not! As a child, do you remember the old red viewfinder where you place your eyes […]

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leadership impeccable service

Leadership and Impeccable Service

GM: Pam, what’s this? The GM is at a table Pam just set up for dinner. Picture a burly, built, proud Irish man who has presence. This location is a private Golf and Country Club, membership fees start at $125,000 per year, and that is at the lower end.  Pam: It’s a table. GM: No, what’s […]

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coachs oath

Coach’s Oath

No matter who you are, no matter where you have been, no matter where you are going. I promise to see you through the eyes of Source. I will see you as God sees you. A true masterpiece. A Perfect Imperfection. I promise to love you unconditionally. I promise to love you even when you […]

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infinite intelligence

Infinite Intelligence: Higher Vibrational Frequency & Why Give a F#@k!

We get asked often with a puzzled face, “What is infinite intelligence?” What do you mean you channel infinite intelligence or these inter-dimensional beings? Infinite Intelligence is a term first coined by Abraham as channeled by Esther Hicks, who are collective conscious non-physical beings. Basically, it is the infinite stream of consciousness and divine intelligence, […]

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vibrational alignment coach

Why Choose a Leading Edge Vibrational Alignment Coach?

I am often asked, “Nicky, why a Vibrational Alignment Coach?” I ask them, “Do you know what Vibrational Alignment is? How important is it for you to live your life filled with Love, Joy and Excellence?” They all say, “That would be my dream life, but… What does vibrational alignment have to do with that?” EVERYTHING! […]

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