So it is done, So let it be received.

Let’s all talk about Demi Moore shall we? Oh, and Ghosts

Well, I just wanted any excuse to talk about Demi Moore because let’s face it, the woman is drop, dead gorgeous! And let’s not forget, what other roles she played …. *coughs * Charlie’s Angels…and many other roles, but I digress. I think we are all too familiar with the scene when Whoopi Goldberg, or […]

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Are you ready for it?

It wasn’t too long ago, when I had a dream, that was life altering for me. This was after my Dad had passed away. And I was starting to venture into the wonderful world of the non-physical realm. Wondering, hey, where’d he go? It just couldn’t be that one day he was here, and the […]

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Synthesia – What does the colour blue, taste like?

Welcome to the world of activating your senses! YAAASSS!!! So, what exactly is a Synthesia? A Synesthesia, is someone who uses their OTHER SENSES, to detect….another sense. Is that clear as mud? Well, alright then! Let’s just work it out with an example, shall we. Are you familiar with Lorde? The singer who received two […]

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Are there such things as … Dark Energies or Not So Kind, Spirits?

Oh Kermit…take it easy… We are just asking, if there are bad ass energies out there… The answer is… YES, yes there are! Okay end blog! Thanks for reading! But wait, PAM?! How can you leave us hanging there….what are we going to do about the (gulp)…dot, dot, dot..monsters?!             […]

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How to Speak to Spirit Guides

  Then let’s begin. Step 1: Do you really want to speak to spirit guides? Like really, really, want it, that bad? Like a burning desire to do it? You do? Okay good. Now move onto Step 2. If no, for step 1, then stop reading this post. If you are curious, continue onward. Step […]

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The Power of Telempathy

“THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING US NOW. WE MUST BE NOTHING LESS THAN FABULOUS.” Emma Frost, X-Men     I think what I LOVED about the X-Men, A LOT! In addition to the Batman, Superman, even well, Star Wars Jedi training. Is that the X-Men were considered MUTANTS! or Hybrids for some – human and […]

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WARNING: The following content is intended for Superheroes Only

  The following content is intended for superheroes only. Those who are not ready to answer the call, look away! Sending out the batman signal for those, who want to dive into their ‘super-natural’ abilities! Are you ready for it? On Feb 19th, 2018…The Academy of Superheroes, will be launched and the training centre, will commence shortly. […]

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Days of Week – SUNday

Happy SUN-day everyone! Seriously, one of my favourite days of the week! (Venus, only 5 days away from writing your wonderful post 🙂 Anyway, who doesn’t like the sun and some vitamin D? Especially with this Vancouver weather we have been having lately. But I am sure he is peeking his head out soon! As […]

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VENUS! You have ARRIVED! For you never left! HAPPY Freya’s Day Everybody! Days of the Week – Finale!

Okay, breathe Pam, breathe…it’s only Venus. It’s only…..AHHHHHHHH!!!!   Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard the starship Boney M for our first passenger flight to Venus. Ready for count-down in 10, 9,8, 7,6, 5,4, 3,2, 1 – ignition – lift off LET’S DO THIS, EVERYONE! So Friday – or the planet associated to this day—> VENUS! […]

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HAPPY THOR’s-DAY! May your mind and thoughts, be as mighty and focused – as THUNDER!

Happy THOR’s DAY everyone! Welcome Norse god, THOR, honourable warrior, god of thunder, lightning, and god of impermeable strength! The protector of mankind, the guardian of Asgard! Son of Odin, son of Jörd or Gaea! Gaea (or EARTH) mated with Odin. Gaea wanted a son that would be as STRONG as Earth herself! So she […]

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