The Coaching Experience

This 1 year coaching program is based on your speaking. During one week of our year-long experience together, I will have the honor and privilege of treating YOU to one of the following coaching experiences:

Castle in Ireland – Be treated like Royalty

coaching in ireland
life coaching in ireland
vibrational coaching in ireland

Cherry Blossom Season in Kyoto, Japan

coaching in kyoto
life coaching in kyoto
vibrational coaching in kyoto

Exquisite cuisine and history in France

coaching in france
coaching in france
vibrational coaching in france

Or a random location – BASED ON YOUR CONTENT

My Gift:

Your responsibility:

Experience Nicky

A Personal Message from Your Coach

The biggest thing for me as a coach is how can I be the best version for this spirit, this soul in front of me and how can I make an impact in his or her life to smile more, to love more, to laugh more, to cry, to express all of them fully. I find that if I don’t help you find your unique music inside, the world will lose that masterpiece. You came here for a reason, and I help you find that and live it unapologetically.

I am not a coach because I didn’t make mistakes or am perfect, I am among the Titans because I did it and perfected infinite intelligence into my beingness.

When you see me, I wipe the slate clean because most of the time, you pick up beliefs, definitions or debris that do not belong to you. I tell you to give it back to where it came from, give it love. And then, well that’s where the magic begins. A very well known producer in Hollywood once asked me: how would you describe your coaching or that experience? I said, well if you went to a magic show how would you describe a magician performing magic? It is something you have to see, feel and experience.

This is an experience of all the senses and a friendship that is immortal.

A love that will defy all boundaries, because love is the fabric of the cosmos that networks everything together. So, why do I coach? Because I believe we are all connected, and when I have a profound impact on someone’s life and they are happy, happy in their business, their relationships, their body, and their Well-Being, well I believe that affects us all. Because my client is in vibrational alignment via our masterful co-creation, anyone that comes in the vicinity of him or her will be energized and magnetized by his or her presence! The world is a better place because they stand in who they really are and the cosmos expands because of this!  Now how cool is that!

The intimacy of one on one coaching is truly a once in a lifetime experience. I enjoy reading the social cues and energy from people. These little subtleties are like an artist who makes the slightest movement of brush strokes and yet it makes the most profound impact on that painting. That is why I prefer this one on one interaction. Face to face.

They don’t call us leading edge for nothing.

You are here to shine and I am here to Love You Unconditionally,