About Nicky

Welcome Master Creator!

And Congratulations on choosing Masters Coaching Studio! I thank you for reading what I have prepared for you to give you a better understanding of the Journey we will travel together, should you choose to participate. As part of my Personal Eternal Commitment (PEC) to myself as a Masterful Creator, I begin by Celebrating You my fellow Master Creator, to have a profound experience on this Journey we are about to begin. Working together, I am certain, you will expand to a level you have not been to before. This is my Promise to YOU.

I hand pick a few clients per year simply because I choose to “show up” fully in every way, spiritually, professionally and personally. I know my worth and I know what it means to live a life by design as I live my life the same way I coach – By Example.

So we are not complete strangers here’s a little bit about me. I was born in Sibiu, Romania ; yes the heart of Transylvania and no I am not a bat. However, I did grow up with Count Dracula’s castle in my backyard. I moved to Canada when I was 13. Flying halfway across the world for your first time alone is definitely a life changing experience.

I had never seen planes that big before never mind fly in one. I breezed through school and since I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy and curious I joined the Canadian military right out of high school. I attended the Canadian School of Electronics, which led me to 10 fabulous years. A few of the highlights were serving in an operational theatre for

Operation Desert storm, tour of duty in Lahr, Germany, and assisting External Affairs as a Communications Liaison during the Clinton/Yeltsin summit. I also worked in the Armored Car industry from guard to supervisor to Ops/Trg development. I definitely was honing in on training new hires as I have always LOVED teaching. That led me to training security staff at YVR Airport and in turn I really put on my entrepreneur hat and co-founded my own successful real-estate group of companies. Ultimately, through extensive personal development and upon demand I discovered my Love and Adoration for taking on the role of Coaching. I quickly discovered, through my own experiences, how much of an impact a coach has in one’s life.

Every successful high performer, athlete, and every successful CEO, has a common denominator – his or her own Personal Coach. I’m glad you’ve made the decision to accelerate your life by honoring yourself with a Coach.