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Leadership and Impeccable Service

GM: Pam, what’s this? The GM is at a table Pam just set up for dinner. Picture a burly, built, proud Irish man who has presence. This location is a private Golf and Country Club, membership fees start at $125,000 per year, and that is at the lower end.  Pam: It’s a table. GM: No, what’s […]

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Leadership & Coaching

I remember reading the Stanford Business study on CEOs and Coaching. The study stated that nearly two thirds of CEOs do not receive outside leadership or consulting yet nearly 100% of them want it! Isn’t that nuts? How could someone, especially in a key decision making role, not allow or decide on what he or she wants? […]

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Leadership & Decision Making

There are many different thoughts and perspectives on what defines a great leader. I don’t believe in a one style fits all method, just like our 1:1 coaching, I believe in a custom experience. Everyone is unique and so you will find the style that best fits you. It’s like a code; like your DNA code. Something […]

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Living The Kingdom Within – The ONE

A while ago, my dear friend Steve Hardison told me to read this book called: The 3 Laws of Performance by Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan. The following personal email is what I send my Executives, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Start-up organizations and all my clients on how to tap into the Universal law that creates worlds […]

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