About Charlie

I’m Charlie, the Westie

Apparently I’m the Editor AND Chief of Masters Coaching Studio. Oh and I’m a Harvard Grad too ☺ that was a breeze! I don’t know what the fuss is all about…

Well, I know I’m pretty much the most adorable one on this website. Keep that to yourself, will you? You see I get schooled a lot because I tend not to listen too well to my Mom. Wanna know a secret? I really DO listen, A LOT! I just pretend not to listen because I just love it when you humans get all bent out of shape telling us to go pee, go eat, don’t lick here, don’t lay there, get off the bed, quit licking your paws, oh and the best one, no bark!  What is a dog to do? I wonder if they realize that I am a Dog and I am a Specialist at being a Dog, not like you humans who are General about EVERYTHING. Sheesh..

Sometimes I have so much fun watching you scramble with each other. And you know what, I just LOVE my parents and I LOVE them unconditionally always forever and ever.

Anyway, now that we got that out of the way, I have attached a little clip of a movie I starred in. Maybe you heard of it, James Bond – 007. I got assigned my own agent number. It just so happened it was on my 3rd Birthday. It was a LOT of fun as we shot that in Eastern Europe 😉

Yeap, I’m well traveled. Been to a few cool places you might have heard of like Romania, Hungary, Vienna, Munich, and I can’t remember the others right now. So many pee spots, so many scents to remember, oh and the planes, trains and automobile rides – those were actually quite fun. I had a human chaperone me personally all the way on the plane, every time. He gave me water and the floor was heated so I had great naps.

Well, that’s it for right now. We are acquainted enough. I really gotta go pee and sniff outside or something. Should you decide to want to get to know me more, you can follow me on Facebook, yeap I have my own account you know. You can also email me here at SirCharlie@masterscoachingstudio.com.

One last thing I want you to know:

I LOVE YOU.  Be Kind to one another and ALWAYS have fun in all that you do!



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