Preparing to Channel

When I recently published ‘What it feels like to channel?’ I was getting flooded with more information on the preparation that takes place prior to first contact ever being made.

It is exciting to know, that when you write an article about Spirit Guides and talk about your personal experience of what you go through, many people can relate and are curious about the whole process and the eternal part of them.

I want to share with you how I prepare myself to channel because, like anything, it takes practice to get into that state. I made the decision to channel because it was something that I find fascinating, interesting, exciting, and a beautiful art form.

Some things I had to do to really hone in and focus on was my state of allowing and meditation. I experimented with different types of meditation, early on it was Abraham-Hicks meditation CD’s. The best practice for me is focusing on my breath, it centers me very quickly and feeling the air flow from my nostrils (yes, that specific – I learned that from a Buddhist Monk) really helps to centre me. Now, I have moved onto what I consider more advanced meditation that Bashar offers, with the heart’s code, parallel realities, sacred circuitry and geometry, which opens me up to more dimensions and all of me.

One of the things you will do prior to channeling is review your belief system. Have a system in place that allows for an easy transition and transfer of knowledge from the spiritual realm into the physical realm. Which is all really one realm but different focal points. But, I digress. If you think this is going to be a hard process or you think you have to do A, B, C, or D in order to channel then YOU are the one putting those limitations and conditions in place. I heavily researched metaphysics and channeling prior to all this, so I had an idea of what I was going into, and informing myself made me feel more confident and comfortable in my decision-making and why I was doing it. My research started because I was naturally curious about the spiritual world, metaphysics, and physics in general. The channeling part came afterwards! How exciting!

The biggest thing with channeling is state of being. Meaning, it would be odd to channel infinite intelligence and then go cuss someone out because they cut you off while driving or picking fights with random people. That would just drag on the process longer to getting into a channeling state. Channeling becomes a way of life. You have to let go of a lot of things that don’t serve you, revisit old beliefs and definitions, and focus your mind on information and material that feeds your soul and challenges you to think differently about things. That is a process in and of itself.

Also, for me to practice feeling good and being my highest excitement moment to moment not only makes me feel good but I feel like that is my ‘quality control.’ That is my way of saying to my clients and audience, I care about the information coming through and I want it to come through a vessel that is practing a high vibrational state of being. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One of the most important things for me is this: when I channel on a particular day or have an appointment, I make extra sure that my personal vibration and frequency is high. What does that mean? I do whatever it takes to get to a state of feeling good. I know that prior to an event, Esther Hicks has her boundaries set in place that she does not want anyone coming in contact with her prior to the event so she can get into that state of being and so that nothing throws her off or that she invites things in her experience to throw her off. For me, I am very particular with the people I choose to interact with and attract in my life and personally (most importantly) the thoughts that I think. I usually take my ‘down-time’ to ‘get in my zone,’ prior to channeling. Meaning, getting grounded, breathing exercises and I have limited interaction with people prior, only a selected few are near me. As for during the channeling process, heck I can speak to crowds but prior I get in the zone.

It is very important to set your boundaries prior to channeling. Not only prior to entering a session or stage, but also the process itself.  Heck, it is important to set your boundaries in any business and make time for your personal space. For me with channeling, I know I usually get hits at night or 2 to 4am, because the body is usually most relaxed then and the ‘thinking-controlling’ mind is set on ‘sleep mode.’ As a channeller, you have to practice that same state during the day, because people don’t usually do sessions or events at 3am. Am I right? So, that is the art you have to practice. It is like building a fire with all the right conditions, and then transferring that fire to different parts of your day. I have to practice that state so well and with such finesse that someone can cough, talk, sneeze or a cell phone goes off and I don’t shoot back in my body again. I am referring to conscious channeling here where you are still distantly aware of what is going on, this is the form I practice.

For me, knowing I get woken at 3am there are some days when I am like, “Hey Guides, don’t wake me up, this is my time, I am going to sleep.” And you know what? They leave me alone. They respect that decision. Whatever my preference is, I communicate that with them. How? I just speak in the room as if they are all there, everywhere, which they are. And every time, and I do mean every time, it has been spot on. Guides will ask for your permission and work with you to make this experience pleasant.

Channeling is my business. Channeling is my art form. Channeling has a build a new meaning to the word friendship in my life. A guide that ALWAYS has MY BEST AT HEART. And how beautiful is that friendship. It is one set in eternity.

Channeling as a business is an exchange of services. It is me downloading information and presenting it to you in such a way that you can go and apply it in your life to get the results and way of being you want to achieve. That is the energy exchange. You can get the information yourself. That’s for sure. Wake up at 3am, feel the gag reflex, study and research what happens to your mind and body, spend years honing your practice and skills because everyone has access to this information. When you pay for this service, you are paying for that person’s skill set, experience, and years and years of research and development to fine tune their gift and present it to you – ready to go. Like an artist studies oils, color combinations, space, contrast, distance, dimension, scale, and researches different techniques, different brush strokes, basically invest in himself and his gift, that is what you are paying for when you purchase his or her painting! You can choose to paint as well and learn just like anybody else. Everyone has that choice. It is a beautiful exchange in business, to have a client and artist come together and make an equal exchange. Because, we are all creators. And what fun is it to create and hone your craft?

With unwavering love and friendship,

Pam Q



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