The Anatomy of an Idea

We all get it… an idea.

But where do ideas come from?

And what if, your ideas were not your own, but was something that was ‘worked on’ before you even registered it?

We hear it all the time, companies striving and harvesting brilliant ideas.

How can we live in space? (Already done.)

How can we harvest crops in space? (Already done.)

How can a company be more innovative?

How can we harvest free energy? (Already done.)

Anyway, you get the point.

What if your ideas weren’t just your own? And it was worked on at a collective conscious level prior to you even receiving it?

Think about it, pun intended.

Let’s just say we have you and then we have your business partner.

And you sit there in this room, or coffee shop, or restaurant, talking about a challenge you have. BOOM! The first phase occurred, an exciting Question!

So you shoot out this signal of a question/s (which is in vibration thought form) and it shoots out into the aethers to find its match, an – Answer! Yes, that’s done too! Because guess what? It’s already in vibrational format as well!

Now here’s the thing. You change the person you are having the conversation with, you can change the questions and answers because every soul that adds to the question and the ‘downloading’ of the answer has a unique vibrational standpoint. YUP! You heard me right, you co-create different versions of answers and ideas!

So, let’s say you picked a really cool group of people to work with, and then let’s say your question is like a bubble and it floats above the clouds. It just hangs out there until hold on a second, what’s this?! Inter-dimensional Beings! Why, it could be your loved ones who passed whom are wanting to assist you, it could be inter-dimensional friends, beings from other star systems, it could be you in the ‘future’ talking to you right now, it is Infinite Intelligence itself wanting to relish in your question.

It’s like your question just floats there with a sign saying, “Hey I am working on a book, a movie, a new business deal, a new business partner, or whatever your exciting topic may be. Because if you think you’re the only one excited about it, think again!”

Then, these beings come by because they are really interested in your topic as well, they hang around and create this fireball of an answer.

Now what?

Oh, well this is the exciting part.

NOW… You have to be the vibrational receiver to download it.

Isn’t it nice knowing you aren’t this one dimensional being sitting on a lump called Earth doing everything all by yourself? Isn’t it nice knowing you have all these friends in all these ‘high’ vibrational places helping you out? Isn’t it nice knowing that!? Well hell, I am excited about it!

So, how do you download it? Or what we refer to as inspired act.

Well, that’s what we teach our clients to do all day, everyday.

Be in receptive mode.

It’s an art.

It’s within you already.

Need to tap into that force on a daily basis?

A coach helps you leverage your state of being, and focuses and channels this information in a very powerful, loving way into your physical reality and experience here and now.

Check out the link below to discover more about this:

The Coaching Experience



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